Everything you need is the spark of life, obey his commands, fuel the machines, pull the trigger and carry on.

Bendito Machine tells the story of simple-minded organisms and their relation with machines. The episodes explores the catastrophic evolution of gentle creatures and its conspicuous bond with technology; a love-hate relationship that offers a nonsensical reflection of who we are: little organisms living like an ant colony, trapped in a state of perpetual dependence, where artifacts set the pace for a glorious future.

Reminiscent of the primitive shadow theaters, Bendito Machine is a combination of industrial mechanization and hysterical humanity, battered as it faces its own evolution, at the mercy of technological advances and unknown forces.

Created and directed by Jossie Malis. Animation by Jossie Malis, Pau Martinez, Nacho Rodriguez, Music by Julie Reier, Manel Gil, Sxip Shirey. Produced by Zumbakamera. Distribution by Autour de Minuit. For more information visit zumbakamera.com or flipboku.com